Historic Events

Blood Wars

The world began as a home for the Aza, a race of silver skinned humanoids who lived on the sole landmass dubbed Azam. The world was peaceful for many generations, the Aza living in harmony with the world around them; however at some point a group of Aza rose up, calling themselves the “Nos-born” and claiming they were to be rulers of the other Aza. In response to this hostility another group of Aza grew, calling themselves “Lus-born” and stating that the Aza were to be free of their tyranny. As the two fought the “Nos-born” lost their silvery skin and instead became stained red with the blood they had spilled, leading to the conflict called the Blood Wars.

Shattered Hills

The “Nos-born”, attempting to seperate themselves from the “Lus-born” shattered the earth they stood on, causing the once large landmass that made up their home to split and fracture into the contients of today. In response the “Lus-born” gathered up all of their forces, taking the fight once more to the “Nos-born” and casting them down into the deepest parts of the earth they were now shattering. The “Lus-born” then, saddened by their home now in ruins, took to the skies and made their home among the clouds and formed what was to be called Lus.

Great Breath

After many years of silence and peace, the land of Azam settled. The “Lus-born” were happy that the land they once loved was finally settled of its chaos, yet it was no longer their home and so they named the land Eur, giving it many creatures to live across. They then took a piece of each new landmass and breathed life into it: the Stones of Dorthelond giving birth to the Dwarves, the Wood of Rido forming the Gnomes, the Clay of Eglas molded into the Humans, the fires of Ondon shaping the Dragonborn, and the Winds of Edhest from which the Elves emerged.

First Death

In the deepest parts of the world, the “Nos-born” grew restless, they fought amongst each other and formed powerful Dominions under a sole ruler. However this was not enough and they sought more, and so they began whispers from the deep into the minds of those on Eur, slowly drawing them away from the Light of the “Lus-born”. The Humans were the first to break from the peaceful life that the “Lus-born”, who had now been dubbed Angels, had given them and began to war amongst each other; when the first man spilled the blood of another the earth shook and the Demons laughed, giving rise to the Death Gates and connecting the once isolated land of Nos to the cavernous ruins and tunnels beneath the surface of Eur.


The creation of the Death Gates frightened the Angels, they feared that if the “Nos-born” returned to the surface en masse they would be too strong for the Angels to defeat; and so they looked to the people of Eur to champion their cause, to keep the “Nos-born” or Demons at bay. The Humans were ruled out first as champions for it was their actions that had lead to the Demons being free of Nos, and so the Angels chose the Elves to be their champions of Light. They were granted their longevity and the Sky-Spires, a way to travel between Eur and Lus, with the sole task to guard them from the evil of the Demons.


The Demons saw the Angels champion the Elves, and so they sought to make their own champion; they took the deep places of what was now called Un and breathed their dark life into them, creating all manner of monstrosity and left them to their devices in the caverns of the Un. For hundreds of years these creatures fought and lived in the darkness below the surface, their hate for the lands above growing stronger while the Demons continued to sow the seeds of Darkness in the hearts of Eur; eventually causing a Dwarf to begin construction of a weapon designed purely for death, which came to be known as the “Key of the Damned” with the sole purpose of creating a Death Gate. The dwarf, lost in his own madness and the whispers of the Demons, took the weapon to the Dragonborn home of Ondon and used it, killing an entire city as tribute to form a Death Gate connecting the Un to Eur.

Dusk Conflict

With a Death Gate connecting the lands of Eur to the dark caverns of Un and the Demonic lands of Nos, a huge terror began to spread. The Dragonborn took up arms against this evil, attempting to keep it at bay from fully reaching the surface. The coming conflict lasted for only a year before the entirety of the Dragonborn civilization was wiped out, with their last ditch effort to seal the Death Gate failing to fully close it. To this day the lands of the once great cities are charred with hellfire and the dead walk amongst the ruins, the massive Death Gate they fought to seal still ajar just enough for the smaller evils to push through.

Historic Events

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